About Our Company



At Aethair, our mission is to leverage cutting-edge AI and IoT technologies to improve our environment and promote the health and well-being of people worldwide. That is no small task, and we are fully committed to meeting the challenge.
Founded in 2017 as Airthinx, our initial aim was to underscore the critical importance of air quality. Our objective was to offer the most comprehensive IoT-based air quality monitoring solution available in the market. Over the years, we have garnered numerous awards, deployed devices in over 45 countries, and helped pioneer indoor air quality monitoring. As our ambition expanded towards comprehensive environment monitoring and control, we chose to rebrand ourselves as Aethair. This name amalgamates 'Aether' (from Greek mythology), 'AI' (fundamental to our platform), and 'Air,' reflecting our evolution.
We are dedicated to fostering safer environments everywhere. Whether it's detecting smoke during wildfires or alerting individuals to biological and chemical hazards in any setting, including homes, hospitals, restaurants, shared transportation, and office buildings. We provide comprehensive environment monitoring for both indoor and outdoor settings, alongside third-party device integration, system management, and data integration. The name Aethair reinforces our message and underscores our commitment to enabling individuals to ‘see the air they breathe' and understand the environments they live in. When we say you can "see" the environment, we mean you can understand it, brand it, find comfort in it, share it with others, and analyze its data.
See the air you breathe, with Aethair.

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