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  • EPA Standards
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Aethair Blue Verification

Blue Verification

The Aethair Air Quality Management System (AQMS) automatically and continuously complies with the most rigorous global institutional health and safety standards. Aethair Blue means that we are actively regulating the environmental conditions to safeguard community health and providing real-time validation of on-site air quality.

Verify Your Indoor Space

Verify Your Indoor Space

Aethair Blue Verification allows businesses to present their air quality to their community and local authorities, showing that the air in their space is continuously and dynamically controlled. Aethair AQMS uses AI and machine learning to constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment, providing a smart solution unlike any other on the market.

Build Public Confidence

Build Public Confidence

Adopters of Aethair AQMS will receive Blue Verification, including window decals and access to digital displays to show your community that the air in your space is continuously monitored for verification. Aethair digital displays and mobile app give customers, employees, and business owners the ability to ‘See The Air You Breathe’ in real-time, building confidence and trust through transparency.

aethair app screen

Aethair Air Quality Parameters

  • Aethair Precisely Measures Temperature


    68 - 74° F

    Aethair Precisely Measures Humidity


    40 - 60 %

    Create an optimal indoor environment to reduce virus transmission

  • Aethair Precisely Measures CO<sub>2</sub>


    < 850 ppm

    Aethair Precisely Measures PM


    < 25 μg/m3

    Significantly reduce airborne viruses and other harmful bacteria in the air.

  • Aethair Precisely Measures VOC


    < 5 ppm

    Aethair Precisely Measures Formaldehyde


    < 0.05 mg/m3

    Maintain toxin-free indoor air quality.

Become Blue Verified

Contact us today to learn how you can integrate Aethair AQMS into your business and allow your community to see that you are taking the necessary steps to provide a safe and healthy environment for customers, employees, and other occupants.