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Billy Penn Studios

Billy Penn Studios is a Blue Certified building, providing a safer indoor environment while also building confidence with tenants and the local community by using Aethair's patented technology.

Billy Penn Studios is a modern adaptive reuse renovation of a complex of adjacent industrial buildings totaling 180,000 sq ft. The oldest sections were constructed in Olde Kensington in the early 1900s as a lumber facility. The property has recently received an extensive renovation into modern business and retail spaces for lease.

Aethair is able to provide air quality monitoring throughout the 180,000 sq ft of Billy Penn Studios. The Aethair solution is installed throughout the building in high traffic areas. Air quality monitoring in Billy Penn Studios begins at the entrance lobby and extends into all of the common areas including hallways and event spaces. QR codes and display screens throughout the building allow access to real time air quality information continuously monitored by Aethair, which provides peace of mind that the air inside Billy Penn Studios is safe.

Given today's climate, with everyone's concern regarding air quality & filtration, I think that Aethair is going to provide a level of comfort to everyone who enters the building, as well as our tenants.

Toby Biddle
Building Owner

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Billy Penn Studios offers modern business and retail spaces for lease along with desks and offices in their coworking space, Penn's Treaty. Billy Penn also offers large and small event spaces.

Type of Business

  • Real Estate

  • Coworking

  • Event Space


Philadelphia, PA

Building Size

180,000 Sq Ft



The results came in and we are truly proud to announce Billy Penn Studios as the first Blue Certified building in Philadelphia.

Joseph Gruber Leasing / Marketing Director

Billy Penn Studios' Real-Time
Air Quality Status

The air in indoor spaces is constantly changing. Aethair enables Billy Penn Studios to monitor and analyze their air quality on-site 24/7, which assures accurate real-time air quality readings.

The information to the right is the real time air quality data for Billy Penn Studios.