aethair App

Real-Time data & analytics at your fingertips

Monitor air quality in real-time and gain access to live data showcasing the status of the indoor environment. The Aethair App enables you to monitor all your devices, offering a comprehensive view of indoor air quality through graphs, real-time data, and intelligent alerts. Effortlessly understand your air quality, empowering yourself to cultivate a healthier living space. Take control of your environment and ensure optimal conditions for your health and wellness with ease.

Real-Time Dynamic Insights

Immediate and actionable information, allowing you to make informed decisions, track changes, and effortlessly enhance your environment.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Experience unparalleled convenience with mobile access to analytics, using real-time data and graphs, from the palm of your hand.

Intelligent Alerts

Strengthen your peace of mind by creating alerts that utilize real-time data, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your environment.


Data in your hands

With the Aethair App, your data is not only easily accessible but also provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your surroundings. The real-time display provides instant insights into various parameters influencing the on-site environment, fostering a proactive approach to air quality management. Additionally, Aethair devices monitor continuously, enabling users to track and analyze air quality trends over different time periods, helping with the identification of patterns and potential spikes in pollutant levels. This valuable information equips users with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions for a healthier and safer living or working environment.

Custom Intelligent Alerts

Whether it's a sudden spike in pollutants or a dip in temperature, stay ahead with custom alerts in the Aethair App. Take control of your environment like never before with alerts tailored to your preferences, and receive instant notifications precisely when you want to know about air quality changes. Make informed decisions about your surroundings and take command of the air you breathe.

  • Customized User Notifications
  • Optimize Risk Management
  • Live Air Quality Updates
  • Enhance Decision Making
The Most Trusted
When Data Matters The Most

With 24/7 access to air quality data from anywhere in the world, the Aethair platform offers users the most flexible monitoring solution available. The benefits and flexibility of using Aethair to view real-time data make it the easy choice for anyone who needs a reliable and secure solution for environmental data. The Aethair platform provides a way for users to:

  • Meet Institutional Standards
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve Quality Assurance
  • Control Connected Systems

Aethair has a solution for your business