aethair Dashboards

See the air you breathe and understand your environment

Inspire confidence within your community and foster a healthy environment, both now and into the future. Transparency is crucial when it comes to the well-being of your indoor space. Aethair Dashboards empower users to monitor air quality conditions using real-time data acquired by Aethair devices such as Aethair IAQ and Aethair PRO, presented in a simple and easily digestible format. These dashboards also reassure occupants that the space they are in is actively monitored for their health and that the air they breathe is safe.

Your Assurance Simplified

Say goodbye to deciphering complex data – Aethair Dashboards allow viewers to effortlessly recognize the status of the air in an instant.

Build Confidence

Boost confidence and well-being among building occupants with public dashboards, fostering a secure, health-conscious environment.

Dynamic Insights

Streamlined access to accurate real-time information, empowering users to make informed choices and understand their environment.


Displays For Every Location

We know that a safe environment is crucial for peace of mind. Aethair Dashboards offer air quality insights through accessible, real-time data displays, ensuring that monitored spaces are safe and under control. Aethair enables users to visualize the quality of the air by monitoring, analyzing, and displaying all the key components that effect health in every indoor space. Aethair Dashboards can be presented in every room or public area to build confidence and assure full transparency to occupants and/or regulatory inspectors. Aethair devices operate continuously 24/7, assuring accurate real-time air quality readings. Aethair truly lets you see the air you breathe and better understand your environment.

Scannable QR Codes

QR codes are great ways to market air quality with building occupants. Simply scan an Aethair QR code to get instant access to live air quality information. This mobile dashboard display offers easily understood information that supports healthier and safer indoor environments.

  • Quick and easy access
  • Simple to implement in any space
  • No need for TVs or digital screens

The Trusted Platform

Aethair Dashboards leverage our versatile platform and real-time data, providing users with a highly reliable solution. This not only offers a way to publicly display the health of Aethair-monitored spaces but also aids in ensuring regulatory compliance & transparency. The Aethair platform provides numerous advantages:

Aethair seamlessly combines hardware, cloud, and applications to offer the highest security and data integrity of any monitoring solution available today. Maintain enterprise-level security with end-to-end encryption, covering the hardware in the field all the way to the end-user application.
Access real-time data and analytics remotely, from anywhere in the world. All Aethair devices consistently report data to our platform through 4G cellular communications, ensuring unparalleled connectivity.
Aethair Dashboards are part of the Aethair ecosystem of products, offering a tool for data monitoring and visibility. This contributes to providing a more extensive and tailored solution for any monitoring application.
Dashboards | See the air you breathe & understand your environment

Given today's climate, with everyone's concern regarding air quality & filtration, I think that [Aethair] is going to provide a level of comfort to everyone who enters the building, as well as our tenants.

Toby Biddle

Billy Penn Studios Building Owner
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