The trusted environmental data platform

Environet is the most advanced web-based environmental monitoring platform available on the market, trusted by large enterprises in mission-critical projects around the world. The platform enables device management, user management, analytics, alerts, real-time device mapping, reports, automations, and much more, all in a user-friendly environment. Users can access these tools, along with real-time environmental data, at any time and from any place in the world, in a secure and encrypted professional environment.

Customizable Dashboard

Users can create customized dashboards with various widgets for an instant view of their environmental data and analytics.

Real-Time Status Alerts

Customizable real-time alerts provide immediate feedback on environmental changes, notifying those who need to know most.

Device & Data Mapping

Map your connected devices for improved data analysis and informed decision-making in environmental monitoring and management.

Access On Any Device

Environet ensures that your data is readily available on the go. Designed with an architecture that allows seamless accessibility on any mobile device, all while preserving functionality and delivering an exceptional user interface and experience. This not only caters to the convenience of users but also guarantees a consistently smooth and enjoyable interaction with the platform. Elevate your on-the-go productivity and decision-making with Environet, where seamless access to your data meets an unparalleled user experience.

Environet Features

Environet is a fully-hosted, web application that enables end users to perform real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data, as well as collaborating with peers in an intuitive web-based environment. Below are just a few of the features users have access to when using the Environet web console.


A dashboard customized by each user allowing an overview of your ecosystem within seconds.


Console provides access to data anytime, anywhere, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and collaboration.


Create customized alerts for the information you want to receive in real-time and never miss an emergency again.


Users can even view current status of their sensors and devices on our map, from anywhere in the world.


Configure your devices to your specific monitoring needs, like enabling wi-fi and alerts, managing GPS options, and creating statistical parameter analytics.

Share / Lease

Consultants can provide as many clients & partners access to the device as desired to view or manage the data with you while still maintaining ownership.

Organizations & Users

Create a network of clients & partners to share and lease devices. Assign users to organizations with varying degrees of access and control over the data.


Open APIs allow for simple integration with 3rd party devices so that you can have access to your entire ecosystems of instruments.

Coming Soon
AI Generated Reports

Environet will integrate real-time data with AI and machine learning to produce air quality and environmental data reports. These reports can be automated, ensuring that they reach the intended recipients, optimizing the compliance and monitoring processes. Additionally, the platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily interpret and act upon these insights in real-time.


All Your Data, In One Place

Unlock the power of your environmental data with Environet – your all-in-one solution for effortless data management. Trusted by industry leaders for over a decade, Environet sets itself apart as the premier choice for seamlessly integrating both first and third-party sensors within an intuitive web-based console. Upholding the highest standards of security and data integrity, Environet empowers users to effortlessly elevate their monitoring capabilities, upgrading outdated setups and streamlining remote monitoring processes. By centralizing data from multiple sources, Aethair enables users to not just gather information, but to gain a profound understanding of their environment. Shift your focus from data retrieval to meaningful interpretation with Environet.

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When Data Matters The Most

With 24/7 access to air quality data from anywhere in the world, the Aethair platform offers users the most flexible monitoring solution available. The benefits and flexibility of using Aethair make it the easy choice for anyone who needs a reliable and secure solution for environmental data. The Aethair platform provides a way for users to:

  • Meet Institutional Standards
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve Quality Assurance
  • Control Connected Systems
Aethair Platform
The Trusted Platform

Environet is a component of the versatile Aethair platform, offering users a highly reliable solution that not only ensures adherence to various regulations but also minimizes liability related to health & safety.

Aethair seamlessly combines hardware, cloud, and applications to offer the highest security and data integrity of any monitoring solution available today. Maintain enterprise-level security with end-to-end encryption, covering the hardware in the field all the way to the end-user application.
Access real-time data and analytics remotely, from anywhere in the world. All Aethair devices consistently report data to our platform through 4G cellular communications, ensuring unparalleled connectivity.
Environet is part of the Aethair ecosystem of products, offering data monitoring tools for all devices. This contributes to providing a more extensive and tailored solution for any monitoring application.

Aethair has a solution for your business