aethair IAQ

Real-Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Aethair IAQ monitors 9-parameters of indoor air quality including PM1, PM2.5, PM10, tVOC, Formaldehyde, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure. Calibrated and certified according to global institutional standards, with performance correlating over 90% to reference instruments, but at a fraction of the price. Aethair IAQ accurately monitors and continuously reports on-site air quality in real-time, enabling effective remediation, informed decision-making, and even automated responses. Data can be accessed any time of day, and remotely from anywhere in the world.

Certified Calibrated Devices

Aethair devices are delivered fully calibrated and certified, allowing immediate operation and quicker deployment

4G LTE Cellular Connectivity

Aethair Devices have global cellular connectivity and are designed with enterprise level security, privacy and scalability.

24/7 Remote Data Access

Remotely access collected and real-time data from anywhere in the world, at any time, on the Aethair Environet web console.

Product Benefits
Why Use Aethair IAQ

Aethair IAQ leverages the versatile Aethair platform, providing users with a highly reliable solution that not only ensures adherence to various regulations but also minimizes liability. Aethair IAQ offers numerous advantages, including:

Seamlessly combining hardware, cloud, and applications to offer the highest security and data integrity. Aethair offers enterprise level security, encrypted end-to-end, from the hardware on the field all the way to the end-user.
Aethair IAQ continuously reports data to our platform using 4G cellular communications. Remotely access data at any time, from anywhere in the world without the need of local networks or physical connections.
Aethair IAQ belongs to the entire Aethair ecosystem of products. It can seamlessly work in tandem with other Aethair solutions, providing a more extensive and tailored solution for any application.
Aethair IAQ is calibrated in accordance with global institutional standards, demonstrating enterprise-level accuracy & precision. Performance correlates with reference instruments by over 90%, all at a fraction of the price.
Billy Penn Studios

Billy Penn Studios is a modern adaptive reuse renovation of a complex of adjacent industrial buildings totaling 180,000 sq ft. Aethair is able to provide air quality monitoring throughout complex, providing a safer indoor environment while also building confidence with tenants and the local community.

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Aethair IAQ Sensors

A fully calibrated device using pre-calibrated, accurate sensors monitor and detect key air quality parameters on-site. Continuous accurate & precise indoor air quality monitoring in any infrastructure with never before seen information and analytics that result in better indoor spaces, everywhere in the world.

Air Quality Index

The Aethair Air Quality Index provides a quick overview of their indoor air quality, determined by real-time data and advanced algorithms.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are chemicals with potential negative impacts on health over both short and long periods of time.


Differences in pressure can increase or decrease airflow, spreading airborne contaminants, as well as playing a role in joint pain and occupant discomfort.

Particulate Matter

Particles can linger in the atmosphere and also travel deep into the body causing both short and long term negative health effects.

Formaldehyde (CH2O)

Formaldehyde is a dangerous, naturally occurring gas, commonly emitted by painted surfaces, fabrics, carpets, and adhesives.


High/Low levels of humidity negatively impact health by supporting mold growth, building decay, occupant discomfort, and supporting the spread of viruses.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

High levels of CO2 can cause sleepiness, distraction, lethargy and affect productivity, concentration, and work performance.


Temperature can play a role in mental fatigue, discomfort, reduced physical performance, and delayed information processing.

The Most Trusted
When Data Matters The Most

With 24/7 access to air quality data from anywhere in the world, the Aethair platform offers users the most flexible monitoring solution available. The benefits and flexibility of using Aethair to view real-time data make it the easy choice for anyone who needs a reliable and secure solution for environmental data. The Aethair platform provides a way for users to:

  • Meet Institutional Standards
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve Quality Assurance
  • Control Connected Systems

Aethair has a solution for your business